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And the Award goes to…

Ah this is the moment, in every single movie, every single award show and every single competition where we wait with baited breath. Who won? Was it the team we were rooting for or was it the “bad guys”? Well I have good news; no I have great- amazing news!

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You are the Problem. And the Solution

Did you know that sixty three billion three hundred and ninety five million (63,395,000,000) sheets of paper are used every day- that much paper is equivalent to well over eight hundred thousand pine trees it weighs about 800 million pounds and the cost is over $4billion. People, those are enough trees to build 25 thousand houses.

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Why you should be Snap-Chatting

As far as humanity has been in existence we have shared the universal need to be, and we still do. We as people want to be seen, heard, valued even just a little by just a few people. We strive for this purpose, going to work, having relationships, taking care of kids and being with family, all because we want to be. Seen, heard, purposeful.

But my article is titled “Why you should be snap-chatting” so what has snapchatting got to do with being and having purpose? On the surface not that much really, but its much more than you think.

BrightSparc Awards Poster

Biztech BrightSparc Awards

I’ll admit. Working for SignTech is sometimes challenging. Not from within the company but from the outside. It is so strange sometimes to see that SignTech is not worldly recognized and that the solution isn’t being implemented by every single company in the world.

The disaster of ‘Land of Fires’ in Italy

The number of environmental disasters that hit Italy in recent years are numerous: the ‘Land of Fires’ in Campania is one of these. Why is this happening?