The disaster of ‘Land of Fires’ in Italy

The number of environmental disasters that hit Italy in recent years are numerous: the ‘Land of Fires’ in Campania is one of these. Why is this happening?

Since 2003, the Italian association LegaAmbiente began to denounce the daily incineration of illegal waste in many parts of Campania (South Italy). It is believed that the issue of land fires is caused by the improper and illegal management of urban and special waste, both in the past and present. There are dangerous spills of illegal waste often hidden in urban and agricultural land. Environmental effects, over time, have caused the contamination of soil and groundwater due to the trafficking of waste, which spilled into this territory from other parts of Italy. Some companies prefer to illegally dispose of waste at low cost without worrying about its final destination. After ten years in the ‘Land of Fires’ there have been a significant increase in the mortality rate and tumors have affected groups of all generations. How could such a disaster happen in the 21st century? Over the past decade, despite the obvious damage caused by pollution, people continue to neglect the environment, and fail to take up activities such as recycling, they continue to cultivate the contaminated land and pour toxic waste into the sea.

Fortunately there are some companies that follow green environmental ethics: there are often industries which although small and growing, create solutions to help the environment. SignTech Paperless Forms is one of those companies. Not only are we an innovative platform but we do it to help the environment. This platform allows you to speed up the transmission of data and to sign agreements with a legally binding signature. Introducing paperless forms to Italy could begin to solve a number of problems- one of them being the speed of institutional arrangements. It would be a dream to expedite the speedy transmission of agreements whilst helping the environment as well, one that can very much become reality. Eco-solutions are often met with resistance because they seem expensive but that’s short term thinking, because in the long run it is more cost effective. We have extremely competitive prices (and by competitive I mean low, very low) so you can make your business processes quicker, save money and most importantly be helpful to the future.

Sadly People will often do anything they can to get rich, they are willing to destroy the environment and the price that we pay for those low-cost (unhealthy) alternatives is so much more than we can every imagine. Yes, it may seem beneficial right now but in the long run many lives are indirectly being sacrificed for a few bucks. How will future generations survive in decades to follow? Will you consume all the natural resources of our world today and leave them with an empty world? Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have water, materials and resources needed to protect human health and our environment. SignTech paperless forms is not only for you but also for your future. Our Paperless forms are not the solution that the world is looking for but it can certainly be a first step in helping our environment as well as your organization. Think about it.

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