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Food 3.0

Have you ever had a bunch of stats just thrown in your face? Like bam! There it is! Here you go. No? Well get ready cause I’m about to throw some numbers around.

Nine billion people will inhabit the earth before the next three decades. Fact. Right now we are at seven billion pushing to eight. Food production has to double if we are going to sustain human life at a reasonable level.

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SignTech Speedy Sign

We are always discovering new and better ways to do things every day. We went from faxing to e-mails to video chatting and online conference meetings. We went from printing out photographs to digital photography- filters and auto settings on our cameras. We went from paper forms to paperless business forms; we went from notepads to the notepad app.

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SignTech, the Brightsparc of the World

That title, might just be a bit of an over statement because I am biased and I love SignTech. But it isn’t so terribly farfetched either.

Just a short while ago, SignTech, our innovative paperless company won some very well deserved recognition for our hard and yes, innovative work in the corporate and domestic world today.

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A Little Difference

Over the last couple of years I’ve been working for SignTech paperless forms, the company has grown; we have so many clients using our paperless forms and yet, the planet doesn’t really look much better than it did two years ago… in fact- maybe its worse. Realistically I didn’t expect to see much change or if any at all even in my lifetime but it was disappointing all the same to see SignTech, so little a company making an even littler difference. To say that I am sufficiently disillusioned would be sort of accurate in a small way.

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Protecting the Earth

I am not somebody that talks, a lot. Okay I lied, I am somebody that talks a lot- so much. I try to put all that into my blogging with the logic “If am to talk, why not talk about the planet that we live in?”. When I first started writing for SignTech I called myself and anyone else in my field an ‘eco activist’, “we’re saving the planet,” I said. That’s not necessarily true.