Data Analysis & Reporting

Empower business decision making with the ability to analyse critical data and generate real-time reports for vital and importantly decision making

We capture data at source, input it straight into your private on-premise SignTech application server and database ready for data mining and analysis. This enables instant analysis to be conducted and reports generated for quick and effective management decision making.

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HR Process Management

Replicate your full HR process life-cycle from initial contact/hiring through to exit interview and records management.

The SignTech solution is used to capture and maintain HR records from the moment a job/role is advertised, through to completing application forms, conducting interviews, hiring, referencing, certificate checks and all the relevant sub-processes that are required to successfully perform HR activities.

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Training Records Management

Create and maintain auditable training records with SignTech’s on-premise paperless Records Management System to ensure ISO compliance

Ensure training records are accurately kept up to date with certificates completed, stored and instantly retrievable at the touch of a button. Our system helps you with achieve and maintain ISO compliance (e.g. ISO13485, ISO9001 and more) in the most efficient and effective method.

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Business Process Automation

Build processes that power your company's potential with SignTech’s digital process automation platform

Automate and digitise your business processes using the SignTech workflow automation engine. We begin by removing non value-added tasks to optimising and streamlining your processing using our proprietary 6-Sigma Paperless TransformationTM framework.

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Wet Electronic Signature

The easiest way for consumers and professionals to securely bind their documents anytime, on practically any device.
Our unique signature technology was developed in collaboration with the UK Ombudsman finance to ensure that it is legally binding and easily defensible in court. 

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Mobile Paperless Forms

Conduct business securely and efficiently from almost anywhere in the world, at anytime, on practically any device

Simplify any organisation business processes with forms that capture, validate and format the information needed automatically. Received the completed forms by email or the encrypted forms and metadata integrated directly into the organisation IT infrastructure.

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Cloud Paperless Office

A game changing platform driving enterprise-wide digital transformation through end-to-end management of enterprise content

This enterprise content management platform is designed to be installed within any organization’s IT instance, ensuring their control and ownership over their data. It offers smart tools to control business documents process workflow, receive and manage completed documents in a secure centralized repository.

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