Our Aims

Our unique SignTech platform significantly reduces manual errors, saves time, improves business process, and provides an enhanced easy user experience with signature capture, timestamp, image capture, graphical data report production and database management system features.

We help organization transform their paper based business process to fully integrated paperless process that interact with end-users such as clients, staffs, admin e.t.c through to the system and database that handles the information and storage.

Why We Do This

With the significant advances in technology and the rapid increa usage of mobile devices it is difficult to understand why so many organisations continue to use paper forms. Whilst paper forms ar in some situations they are totally unnecessary in over 99% of us we see today.

There is a significant impact on the environment from both the d natural resources as well as the energy and waste associated with creation, transportation, processing, storage and destruction of p At SignTech Forms we have identified the key reasons people an companies continue to use paper forms and have addressed the b namely – cost, complexity and speed.

Our mission is to help organizations remove the unnecessary use reducing the cost of going paperless; making the transition proces and easy; and reducing the time to go paperless from weeks to a n minutes.

We are making paper forms a thing of the past.