Did you Hear Obama Sing?

Anyone who loves music, especially classically alternative bands like the national also most likely loves or at least likes a little bit the world renowned band Coldplay. Well this person here does (me, I mean me)! You must know that they have released their seventh studio album and I have to say it's a hit. There are songs with beyonce and with not as world famous artists like Tove Lo. But why am I, a paperless advocate writing about coldplay's studio album? Is that what going paperless has become about? Nope!

iphone 7 and earpods on a wooden stump

Would I Recommend the iPhone?

So yes, you may be thinking, she writes a paperless blog about paperless technology and how companies can go paperless- and I do! However, today- I’m talking about the iPhone.

Now this is not a stab at apple or their company but as an apple product consumer I feel that it is my duty and role to have an unbiased approached to product reviews.

frustrated boy carrying blue ball

The Worst Moments in Life

I’m going to be as honest with you as I possibly can. When I was younger, not so long ago, I worked for a company that did a lot of things. It was an architectural firm first and mostly and they did animated advertisements for different companies but I digress. During my internship at this company I think the singular worst moments I ever had there was when I was asked to look for some obscure document or the other. I am very sure that any office worker would be able to relate.

soil in a man's hand

How Organic is Organic?

So you’ve made the decision to go green and by that you mean in everything, from using paperless solutions in your workplace such as note-taking or form signing apps such as papyrus and SignTech paperless business forms to how you dress, the transportation that you use and even in what you eat. You decided to go green in everything.

bacon in a frying pan

Dulse, The Bacon of the Sea

I’ve always looked at vegetarians with a side eye of some sorts. It is just so strange that I have to ask myself, where do they get the willpower? It goes against every food-related thing I believe in. How can I live without knowing the taste of chicken? Or a delicious peppered steak cooked to medium perfection and my all time favourite… bacon.