Is Brazil Really Ready for the World Cup?

While at work in the paperless company of SignTech, I read the news articles relating to brazil now that its less than 10 weeks to the world cup and I found myself cringing ever so slightly, from raiding of slums to carjacking, protests to unfinished stadiums this June 12th world cup seems very very… very unlikely to go down as smoothly as many people in brazil or everywhere else would hope. At least, we at the paperless company hope.

Fair Trade

Do you think about people thousands of miles away when you eat?

No, of course not! And why should you? What has your food that you have right here in front of you have anything to do with the people that are miles and miles away?

This is the question that most people would retaliate with not really realising the repercussions of buying from brands that have no fair trade certifications on their products.

The Smog in Shanghai

Working for a pro-eco company such as SignTech, its sad to say that although I have been exposed to the many dangers in this world, from the comfort of my company, sometimes it feels like there is almost nothing I can do to prevent the seemingly inevitable destruction of the eco-system. That is one of the reasons I fight so hard for the use of Paperless solutions in businesses and homes.


Huzzah! Spring is finally here. I’m pretty sure that everyone one of us living in England is more than happy to say an enthusiastic goodbye to that liquid winter. Interesting fact: this is the wettest winter that we’ve experienced in a quarter millennium (250 years).

Google doodles marked the first day of spring on the 20th March 14 according to the astronomical calendar.

In the spirit of all things green, flowery and warm, would you consider greening up your life?

Game of Thrones

On the sixth of April… well the title already says it all. Once again I bow out, for a moment, from the life of a paperless blogger into the one of a game of thrones fan!

Even if you lived under a rock, you know the name of this show, now its not for all audiences, I recommend eighteen years (18) and above only to watch this how as there are some graphic scenes, but that aside this is one of the best adventure shows, or just one of the best shows in general. I love this show! Did I mention that already?