Huzzah! Spring is finally here. I’m pretty sure that everyone one of us living in England is more than happy to say an enthusiastic goodbye to that liquid winter. Interesting fact: this is the wettest winter that we’ve experienced in a quarter millennium (250 years).

Google doodles marked the first day of spring on the 20th March 14 according to the astronomical calendar.

In the spirit of all things green, flowery and warm, would you consider greening up your life?

Its simple because its only three steps. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce the use of things like paper in the home, in your office, in your school. Reduce the use of water, don’t run the tap when washing plates and incorporate simple things like having a bath rather than a shower. If you can, try going completely paper-free. SignTech encourages you to.

Reuse your simple items like nylon bags as dustbin bags, old shopping bags as new shopping bags, plastic bowls from take away restaurant. Simple things like that.

And the most important, recycle. Especially if you don’t like to reuse things the way we encourage at the paperless company. This way works for everyone. You give the people your old things to make new things so that you don’t have to use the old things when you would rather use new things!

Recycle the items such as paper, glass bottles, plastics and be careful to put the right items in the recycling bins.

These tips aren’t just for the home, or you as individuals. You would be doing the whole world a favour if you managed to get your company to become more eco-friendly than they are… even if they already are. Remember that there is always room for improvement, and that means that there is always room for SignTech!

Have a nice, lovely, warm spring!

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