The Smog in Shanghai

Working for a pro-eco company such as SignTech, its sad to say that although I have been exposed to the many dangers in this world, from the comfort of my company, sometimes it feels like there is almost nothing I can do to prevent the seemingly inevitable destruction of the eco-system. That is one of the reasons I fight so hard for the use of Paperless solutions in businesses and homes.

Although individual change is great, companies, corporations and large businesses are the major users of paper in many countries today. Imagine if they all switched to SignTech’s paperless business solutions…. Okay. I’m drooling again.

There is a problem in the Far East that many people know, and yet don’t really pay attention to. In this present day, it seems that China is in the midst of an industrial revolution or has recently seen one but there is one thing that I know they haven’t seen in a while and that’s the sun in all its majestic brazenly hot glory. Why is this? Of course the chinese have seen the sun, you might say quietly while reading this.

I am not trying to put down china in any way whatsoever. It is common knowledge that I would be the first to defend this great nation against baseless criticism and un-informed accusations. However, this is not the case.

China’s air has long since reached levels so critical that its forced the average everyday citizen to wear surgical masks when walking around in many mainland cities. Levels of fine particulate matter have reached PM 2.5, this is forty times the World Health Organization’s boundary.

Shanghai specifically has received I think the worst of it at a point late last year the authorities ordered schoolchildren indoors and stopped ALL construction that Friday, flights were delayed and movement was virtually stilted as visibility was reduced to just a few meters, fire works were banned and so were public sporting events.

What causes this smog? Its been speculated that the main problem lies with the industrial emissions in the part of china. Beijing is no stranger to the smog, many times even surpassing the level of Shanghai in Fine Particulate Matter.

The Chinese government had many times “declared war on pollution” even going so far as to reward large amount of money to provinces and areas that fix their pollution problem.

They’ve tightened their pollution rules and forced polluters to pay compensation after renewed emissions of toxic air yet the country has seen no significant decrease in this dangerous situation.

The problem is so serious that insurance- smog insurance is being offered to travellers to the Far East. If this doesn’t scream crisis, I honestly don’t know what does.

For China sadly, it doesn’t end there. They face a serious water and soil pollution which endangers the health of their citizens, they did pledge to spend over $300 billion on a plan to effectively handle their scare water resources and also they plan on tackling the problem of agricultural pollution.

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