You Are

What you eat.

This statement is so popular, used everywhere from diet sites, doctor’s recommendations, advice from friends, and now, here on the paperless blog.

This saying is popular because it’s true. Our diet controls our health, how long we live, our hormones, how we feel, our looks, which to some extent control how we see ourselves and thus how we interact with others, this controls the friends we have, who we hang out with influence our characters and what we do and ultimately this defines who we are.


Its much more important than we think, which is why its such a mystery that many of us… myself included, choose to stuff our faces with the grossest of junk.

No now the question is, to be or not to be. Since you are what you eat, what do you want to be? Junk?

Because that’s we eat! Junk! Even the food that are “healthy” and point fingers at the junk food just turn out to be junk food masquerading as healthy food.

The food industry has fed us so many lies (pun intended) that we don’t even know what to eat anymore. Short of growing your own food, there seems to be no sure fire way of assuring yourself that you’re eating healthy.

And lets face it. Many of us don’t have the backyard space for little farms in our homes.

So what are some the ingredients that are put in our food?

Well according to www.cracked.comcellulose is put in practically every single thing we eat as a convenient alternative for more expensive ingredients such as flour and oil’.

BUT what is cellulose? I did some research and guess what: its wood pulp people. Its wood pulp… not only are they cutting down trees for this horrid purpose, this endangering our planet, but also feeding us an ingredient with literally NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE whatsoever. Why hasn’t this been stopped? Simple. It’s FDA approved simply because it’s non-poisonous. Lets disregard the fact that its completely indigestible and we’re not getting what we think we’re paying for. There is no maximum amount of cellulose that can be put in the foods that we buy. It’s everywhere, pancake mixes, our bread, everywhere! It is actually so bad that a loaf of bread has the same amount of wood content as a small wooden chopping board.


Whoa, whoa, such a fancy name. What does it have to with the food we eat? Think bread and EVERY SINGLE BAKERY PRODUCT. Muffins, bread, buns, you name it. Think Subway, Starbucks, MacDonald’s (honestly, why are they in every food scandal?), and Wendy’s. at some point in our lives we have eaten from them. The product is FDA and USDA approved, so what’s so wrong with it?

Well Azodicarbonamide is a chemical that not only has been shown to cause skin sensitization and asthma, but is also a chemical component of yoga mats. Oh wow. We eat that. Honestly, right now in this day and age, something being FDA approved foods are beginning to mean less and less. I mean it’s the same FDA that let us eat wood. Thanks, we really appreciate it. It’s not bad enough that we have things like AIDS and diseases running rampant in the globe, lets add normal everyday foods to the list of things we should avoid.

Beaver Anal Glands Secretion

It hides behind the fancy name of Castoreum, which is put in our food, and labeled in the ingredients as “natural flavouring” bravo with the word play. After all, it doesn’t get much more natural than the stuff from the butt of a beaver now does it? So where is this put in? Vanilla or raspberry flavouring in processed foods. Think, ice-cream, vanilla cakes, and any other yummy vanilla or raspberry flavored treats.

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. As I did more and more research on the foods I should stay away from, I wanted to weep. Ice-cream, chocolates, muffins, salmons, bread, practically everything that was in my fridge and pantry.

So now you know a little bit of the whole. You are what you eat. So the question is, what do you want to be?

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