The World Cup Series

The World Cup happens only once every four years, just like the summer Olympics also happens just once every four years. And now that we’ve come upon what will be the next talked about event for weeks ahead it only stands to reason that we at SignTech would also talk about it.

SignTech is very much like the world cup. Amazing, spectacular and everything you hoped it would be. If the world cup were all about paperless business forms then yes. SignTech would be like the world cup.

Much like SignTech paperless forms the world cup started small and with a vision to make its field better, not just for the sport itself but also for the people who watched it, and the players who participated in it.

It’s a little known fact that back in the early 1900’s there were a few attempts to host a FIFA world competition with nations from all over but this was seen as a failure. Then there was the introduction of the Thomas Lipton Trophy in 1908 where Sir Thomas Lipton hosted a competition sometimes described as ‘The first World Cup’ in Italy 1908. The world football competitions were mostly taking place in the Olympics and in the 1932 summer Olympics the people in charge decided not to include football, as it was such an unpopular sport in America. There were some disagreements between FIFA and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and this led to FIFA deciding to host their own international tournament.

In 1930 Uruguay was chosen to host the first ever world cup, winning in a bud against Italy and Spain, they built a stadium the held about 95,000 people which was finished five days after the world cup started. Only about 13 nations took part in the first world cup, and it took a lot of convincing to persuade the teams from Europe to make the long trip across the Atlantic. In the last match there was a crowd of 93,000 people and Uruguay defeated Argentina in the final to become the first ever world cup champions. Although in the next world cup in 1934 they boycotted the tournament because they were upset about the poor European attendance from the last tournament.

Brazil, our current host country first hosted the world cup in 1950, during this time many European countries were not properly suited to host the world cup as many were just recovering from the second world war, as seen in the gap between 1938 and 1950, and brazil was one of the few countries that had remained relatively unscathed. This was the first world cup that Britain played in although it was not successful. Britain had previously refused to play from the 1920’s stating that they couldn’t compete with countries they were at war with.

Skipping to 2010, the very first world cup to ever be held in Africa, this was a time for many changes as we’d just seen the election of America’s first even Black president just a little while ago, this was significant is proving how far we’d come with issues of race and diversity. South Africa was more than prepared and they proved this by having five new stadiums built and the existing five modernized. They improved their transportation systems and implemented several safety measures to guarantee the security of audiences and even went as far as to restrict flight operation in the airspace surrounding the stadiums.

Now it’s the year 2014, we’re in Brazil and from here onwards we will be highlighting everything that happens during this month of football, from the players on the pitch to the spectators around it to the protesters outside the pitch. Have fun Watching!

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