Will You…?

In life we are faced with choices, many of which consist of two extremes, you either do this or you can go with that. We tackle these challenges with the mind-set of “which one would affect me in the best possible way?”

This is a good way to approach our problems and every decision we make in life but there is a better question that we can ask; “Which would be the best possible option for the world?”

Whether we realise it or not we are faced with these sort of questions almost every single day. Especially things concerning seemingly small decisions, every action we make every small step we take affects our surroundings more than we realise.


Will you recycle or throw it away? Will you reuse it or buy a brand new one?

When we buy new products rather than reusing or recycling them we are emitting four times that product’s weight in carbon into the atmosphere. For every thrown away product a new one is made, you could easily save countless ounces of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere by simply putting appropriate things in the recycling bin or finding a way to use them again.

This goes a long way, towards saving the environment. Asides from preventing the necessity of new products being made it also saves you some money and in this economy, every penny really does count.

Will you use print our two copies or find a paperless solution? Will your company adopt paperless forms or continue excess paper usage?

Printing is something that dangerously contributes to global warming and deforestation; double-sided printing saves twice paper by cutting the amount you would have used by half. Going a great step further and finding out permanent solutions for problems- paperless solutions, paperless forms, apps that eliminate the need for paper entirely saves countless trees, not just in the corporate world but in your personal life as well. There are notepad apps, sticky apps, e-books and web services that allow you to do this.

Will you walk rather emit harmful gasses by driving? Will you conserve water and electricity or leave the tap running and lights on?

By walking you are exercising your body and saving money on gas or cab/bus fare and preventing the emission of carbons that destroy the ozone layer. The ozone layer is responsible for protecting our planet from harmful sunrays that cause cancer, premature aging, meningitis and other skin diseases.

Something as easy as turning off the tap, goes a long way, shutting off lights, switching off sockets and plugs that are not being used saves electricity.


If you recycle, reuse, reduce usage of things, walk instead of drive, find an app rather than print then you help prevent the degradation of our planet, saving trees, forest habitats and various creatures an ultimately yourself but if you don’t, you contribute to global warming deforestation and countless forms of pollution.

All these decisions that we make ultimately affect how our planet ends up, thinking that you’re just one person and what you’re doing barely affects planet earth is the wrong mind set, our actions do affect the environment, positively and negatively, so just remember, next time the thought comes and you have to make a decision know that 7 billion other people are thinking it too.

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