Why SignTech Is The Eusebio of Technology

Anyone who’s been on the Internet lately must have heard about the famous footballer Eusebio that died recently. Yesterday. To be precise.
Being a hardcore football fan like myself, I was unpleasantly surprised to find out about his death. Anybody who has watched the videos of his games will know why he was aptly named the “Black Panther”. SignTech recently, started with paperless technology. E-forms and interactive documents, and sitting down here, I realize how much this company can be compared to the great football legend that once lived in three ways:

SignTech keeps things simple

As opposed to the mountains and mountains of paper that hundreds of thousand of companies use today for forms, request forms, requisition forms, application forms, SignTech abolishes the use of all that with simple paperless technology. Forms that you can sign, resign, make mistakes on and they’d still look brand new, because they would be.

SignTech Makes things Faster

Much like the blistering acceleration of famed former footballer, Eusebio, which help him become European footballer of the year in the year 1965, SignTech makes things much faster. The stress of printing, the time consuming task of stapling hundreds, sometimes thousands of forms, the chore of filing uncountable documents in countless steel cabinets and storage units. SignTech eliminates all that with the use of paperless technology.

It gives you the Neatest Finish anyone could ever ask for

No more coffee stains on your paper, slightly creased edges, tiny little bends on the corner of your forms or applications or wobbly, uneven signatures. Nope. SignTech does away with all of that, giving you a clan, pristine ending to all your form-ventures, with the paperless, stainless, almost near perfect form. Something almost like the flawless four goals Eusebio scored for his team, in one match during the 1966 world cup.

SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration. For more information visit www.signtechforms.com or email  info@signtechforms.com.

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