Where are My New Years Resolutions?

There is a time of the year for about 24 hours where everyone in the world has insane amounts of conviction and motivation. Between December 31st and January 1st change, although it only lasts for a short while, happens worldwide. New year is inspiring.

This New Year I have decided to stop making new years resolutions- why? You may or may not ask. That’s because they never seem to work out. Resolutions to learn new languages, workout, be happier, nicer to people, stop talking about paperless solutions all the time at parties (apparently this is not considered a social skill)- they never seem to be accomplishable by February and stay long forgotten by march comes around. This year I’ve decided to make some life style changes to take into the New Year, rather than waiting for January to come before doing anything I will go to January already started with these “Resolutions”.

The first thing is to stop talking about paperless forms all the time. Finding an outlet for this was a no brainer. You are going to take the brunt of my blogging, oh yes, paperless blogs all over the place, wherever you look you’ll see that paperless blog with my name on it and you’ll think to yourself, oh there she goes blogging again. Somebody stop her!

I have decided to get people the presents that they want and not what I want them to want. For me, gift giving is seen as an opportunity to force my ideas on others (selfish, I know) so I get presents that help out the eco-system. Recycling bins, a gift voucher to an eco-friendly store, a book on recycling- these are things I want others to be interested in this is selfish so… next Christmas, birthday, any gift-giving event I will be sure to combine both our wants into a thoughtful, nice present- like a sculpture made out of recycled materials!

Take further steps to be more eco-friendly. You would think that someone like me that blogs about this every week has being eco-friendly down to a tee. I do not. Sometimes I forget about the water problem and indulge myself in long Broadway showers, or I give into the temptation and pour myself a luxurious bath, and yes, I have wasted food… I am not proud of this and it has to stop. I cannot in good conscience tell people about the art of planet protection when I slip up myself too.

Finally I will make sure that SignTech has a great year, starting today. It is a great product for you, the eco-system and me so I see no reason why the year shouldn’t be phenomenal in terms of progress for our company.



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