What to do in 2015

Like the song by slow club goes, “Everything is New”. There is something amazing about the New Year. It is filled with so much optimism that I could just burst into song not unlike a Bollywood movie. Today I am taking a break from talking paperless and blogging paperless solutions to focus on you- you and the New Year.

Realistically speaking of course there is no actual monumental change, the economy is still the same countries are going into a crisis now that oil prices have dropped basically the world looks pretty normal. There is still terrorism, global water and food crisis, the threat of global warming and now there are even rumours that a comet might be headed for earth. Doesn’t really sound like the best New Year anymore does it?

See how easy that was, for me to go straight to the negatives, talk about how bad the new year is starting off and its all true nothing exaggerated.

Just because bad things are happening doesn’t mean that the entire year is doomed, there are things you can do that will make this year your best yet.

I believe that with every new day comes a chance for change, every new hour, minute and it’s this possibility of change that gives me hope for the New Year especially. I’m not sure that 2015 will be the year of change for the planet but I am absolutely that it could be the year of change.

What is about your life that you want to change, and I don’t mean make a list and let that list rot somewhere long forgotten on a shelf, I mean what do you really want to be different about your life? Maybe you’ve been feeling unfulfilled and have been dreaming about that dream job- don’t quit your current job because well in this economy that’s not being very smart but it doesn’t mean your dream cant be a reality. Start off small, take on a hobby, some online classes, start with a small blog and before you know it; it could very well be a regular thing that you’ll have to quit your job for.

Seize every moment- take control of your life, your health, maybe you want to be more friendly and outgoing, make more friends, get a special someone to share your life with or maybe that holiday you’ve been thinking of needs to be finally taken.

Don’t put off anything till tomorrow that you can accomplish today. Make 2015 your proactive year. Even if you don’t feel like it.


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