What Should Your Resolutions be?

A blank piece of paper stares you in the face asking- how will your life change this year- Possibly forever.

You probably wrote something along the lines of, work out, eat healthier, learn a new language, take up an awesome hobby, get a girlfriend/boyfriend, even get married, be a nicer person, and these are all great things to have on your list but I’m here to tell you that your list is missing something: a vital goal that isn’t really for you but for mother earth. These are eco-friendly goals you should incorporate into your plans for change this New Year.

Changing isn’t an easy thing because it always means that something will have to give, laziness, some TV series, maybe a bad habit, and its hardly ever easy but most of the time its worth it, dare I say all the time?

Here are just a few eco-friendly suggestions to add to your undoubtedly amazing list of things to accomplish.


This is the first thing everyone should know about going green AKA eco-friendly, recycling is the basis of many things. Cereal boxes, bags, even some car parts can be made from recyclable materials As I’ve said before for every pound of new product that is made four pounds of harmful carbon gases are released into the atmosphere. Recycling reduces this harmful effect by a significant amount as well as saving money. I consider it a very effective method of going green next to going paperless.


Water, electricity, paper, even food- Steps should be taken not to over use these things so that we can have some left over for later. We do not have an infinite supply of these products and energy sources- if we did I wouldn’t be here blogging about eco-friendly new years resolutions. Reducing usage is a very effective way to give back to the ecosystem and save time and money on your part.


When you’re done with a product is it truly done with? Many things that we throw away or disregard as old things aren’t really that old- they can be used a second time, or for a completely different function. For example, your plastic shopping bag can be used as a small bin liner? So why buy a brand new packet of bin liners? Old containers are multipurpose. You can use them for whatever you want- storage wise of course.

Find the alternative-

That one thing you’re doing that you can’t seem to live without, there about ten other ways to do it. Maybe you have a thing about getting new products and cant seem to wrap your head of buying things that have been other people’s, there are brand new products that are still made in an eco-friendly way so you don’t really have to compromise. Or how about the light situation? You can get energy saver bulbs that last longer, consume less watts and reduce those figures on you electricity bill, and if you want to go further, you can consider solar energy which is virtually harmless to the ecosystem. Printing a lot? Why not go paperless or if you cant, buy recycled paper and then when you’re done with it, recycle all the paper rather than throw it away.

Finding alternative ways to do things ensures that the planet still functions smoothly and you still get what you want.

That being said, in the spirit of New Year and going paperless, I am going to remind you that SignTech has some great goals too for the New Year, which is to get incorporated into your business. Even without paying anything you can start off with the free plan and when that stops being enough, you can experience what it really means to have SignTech working for and with you.



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