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Ways To Completely Revamp Your Business To A Paperless One (2)

Moving on from the ways you can optimise the use of paper for revamping your business, we will now tackle ways to make your business a paperless one completely. So!


If you really want to go paperless…


Online reports and statements

My grandmother still gets main from the Unilever Company every year, its like a huge log book of names and stocks, dividend and things I still don’t understand. There are thousands of names. Thousands. And I imagine that each of them gets this book of information. That’s thousands of books sent to customers every year, and just like my grandma’s book its skimmed over once sometimes not at all, and then left forgotten on some shelf. Some companies and Banks send CD’s to their clients with all the information pre-loaded on it. But its still mailed. There could be a better way, a system for instance making a portal that only shareholders can log into and check their information, or e-mailing the reports to the people that are concerned. Though I see the flaw in this, as not everyone is internet/computer savvy.


Paperless forms

This is our forte, paperless forms are the life of the paperless party because lets face it, most of the paper that is still used today is because of the clients, filling out forms, application forms, request forms; workers, filling out requisition forms, signing to collect checks, this is where SignTech comes in. All these forms of… forms (ha-ha, see what I did there) that we use can easily be incorporated into paperless form and you don’t have to worry about signing because we use a system that the signature is in fact legally binding. If you’re still using forms that are made out of paper, stop it!


Optimise the use of apps

Applications, like the paperless app, are the future, everything from notepad to reminder serves as a type of information input system that negates the use of paper. Applications completely negates the use of paper and are extremely handy because of its mobile feature, you can take it anywhere, access it from almost anywhere, save it, e-mail it, send it to other people with just the touch of a few buttons. Sometimes apps seem unprofessional especially in the corporate world, for example, the thought of you bringing your tablet device to a meeting might seem strange, after all, its usually folders, binders, papers, but that all needs to be stopped. Applications should be used a lot more now than they are being.



This is a real big part of going paperless because most of the thrown away paper is wasted and burnt, which releases harmful carbon gases in the atmosphere, and then new paper is used, wasted, and burnt. Recycling ends this destructive process by using the old to make the new. This prevents the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere, destruction of the rainforests and all kinds of vegetation, and the depletion of resources that can then be used to create other things.


These are just some of the ways that you can facelift your business to a paperless one. If there are any other methods you thought about, let us know!


SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration.  For more information visit or email

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