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Ways To Completely Revamp Your Business To A Paperless One (1)

In this day and age, where virtually everything is digital, where your business isn’t relevant without an online presence, it should come as no surprise that now there is a new trend. If you stay current to the news, following different giant companies such as Google, Yahoo, EBay, The Bank of America, you’ll notice that they are all trying their best to be more eco friendly. From using different sources of energy, funding major research for making our world better, recycling, changing packaging methods and using eco friendly materials rather than things that destroy the environment in its making process.

One of the ways I advocate, yes I know I say this all the time but hear me out, is going paperless. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Going paperless is a way to tackle so many problems wrong in this world. SignTech paperless forms aren’t the only ones that realise this. Every day we see more and more individuals and companies making an effort to move in the digital direction. Take for instance the bank of America, they cut their paper consumption by a whopping 25% in just two years by implementing a few of these methods that I am about to point out to you in a few lines.


If you do have to use paper…


For printing, double sided printing is the way to go.

Double sided printing literally halves the amount of paper you would have used if you went with just one side, this method, if you don’t already use it, can literally half the amount of money you spend on paper which for a business can be very important. After all in this economy every penny counts.


Make the photocopy a soft one.

It’s said that over 45% of documents are duplicated and over 80% is never accessed again, that’s countless sheets of paper that are made just to sit there. If there had to be a copy of the paper, it could be in jpeg or pdf form. You can then back up your information to a cloud so in case anything goes wrong with the soft copy then you’ll have a backup that’s secure.


Make the paper a lighter-weight.

Many people confuse the heaviness of the paper with the quality. Well I can tell you that not all paper is equal, there are so many specs that I found out about, which I didn’t even know existed. For example, Twin Rivers paper company, have entire specification sheets for different kinds of paper including the types of shades, finish, whether the paper is acid-free or alkaline. When choosing paper for your company there are a wide range of good quality lightweights that you can use for your company. In addition to this, consider using 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Now, I was a little hesitant to recommend this because I noticed that recycled paper actually costs more than brand new paper does but there are some good brands such as New leaf, and Treecycle and office depot, you can get that online for £6.99 a ream. And my personal favourite because lets face it, the one with the lowest price tag is always more attractive. Steinbeis has 100% recycled paper and its starts from about £2.40 per ream which is a great bargain if you ask me. Aside from Steinbeis they’re all endorsed by the rainforest alliance. Though that doesn’t make it less credible!


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