The Underdog’s Open

I noticed that not many people that work in the paperless company are avid watchers of tennis. It seems that for some reason many of the workers for SignTech paper-less solutions are more inclined to be into extreme sports, which is, lets face it, an extremely far cry from the paper-free company.

This makes starting a tennis conversation during lunch break darned near impossible, which leave me no choice but to reach out to you, hopefully avid tennis fans who have been following the Australian open.

Watching the match with Novak Djokovic and Stanislas Warwinka was the highlight of my week. What better year to start the year of 2014 than with a good old fashioned Australian Open? The win that Stanislas had against Novak was actually very surprising, yet I suppose also quite well deserved as I am certain Stanislas worked extremely hard for it. But I cannot help but wonder, was his win pure raw talent of just pure luck. Did he catch Novak on a bad day? Novak undoubtedly is one of the best players in the world, neck to neck with legendary Spaniard player Rafael Nadal and ranking (highest in the world) just one above famed English player Andy Murray (who is ranked number 2 in the world). He won the last three consecutive Australian open titles. It looks like there will not be a fourth, sadly for all Novak fans out there. The last game saw Novak missing plainly easy shots that he could have easily gotten on a normal day. The last fourteen times they met, the 26 year old Novak won every time, which makes me wonder, why wasn’t there a fifteenth? In the first sets of the game we see Novak making puzzling mistakes and then in the fifth set he did step up his game but still lost the match.

Asides that, the women’s section of this year’s Australian open is also quite interesting. Serena Williams, although a force to be reckoned with ended her 25 match winning streak against Ivanovic.

It really is the time for the underdogs to shine. Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams both out of the draw, making it, lets admit it, considerably much easier for other players to win.

This match our eyes should be on Li, and Boucherad. Eugenie, a nineteen-year-old player really has surprised us with her being the very first Canadian to reach the semi finals in the Australian open, which does bring her to a show down against Li Na on Thursday. Many suspect that Li, two time Australian open finalist will be, of course the winner of this match but honestly, lets not be too quick to write off Eugenie. Yes she may be a nineteen-year-old belieber with the tendencies of being a typical teenager, but if her results are anything to go by, the raw talent that this lady has on the court is anything but typical. I would have liked to see Sharapova and Williams face off against these two but. Thursday will bring the match many have been waiting for.

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