The Simplicity of Modern Technology

The Simplicity of Modern Technology

These days things are getting smaller, and right now developers and tech-inclined people (I am not one of them, thus my use of the word “tech-inclined”) are pushing to make them even smaller. Our world is getting to a place where all we want are for things to be simplified to the point of a singularity.

I believe that my company is also pushing towards this goal with the use of paperless solutions.

SignTech is extremely focused on the future because, well, today is what determines the tomorrow and if we don’t step up our future is looking pretty bleak. Modern technology is a very important part of what will shape our world tomorrow and if done right it will ultimately make the world a better place, especially concerning the eco system.

Things like e-mails eliminate the need for hand written letters, which use ink, post stamps, paper, man-power and unnecessary time to deliver them.

Applications centred on making, creating notes and sending or receiving messages are extremely helpful in this aspect; they eliminate the use of notebooks, pads, and all forms of papers for the regular individual.

For companies, its applications like SignTech that truly make a difference, with the use of paperless forms, companies that save huge amounts of money when interacting with their customers. Being able to access SignTech from all platforms is also a big factor when dealing with customers, be it iOS, Android or Windows, SignTech has it covered.

Today countless amounts of trees are being cut down to make paper and latex based products, in Nigeria for example less than of the rainforest is left. These are scary numbers, and I’ll admit, sometimes the statistics slightly frighten me. Which is why when it comes to certain questions concerning the health and well being of our planet, I look towards modern Technology for answers to a lot of these questions.

I believe that SignTech answers some of the important questions about our environment, such as how to we prevent deforestation, what can we do to stop massive amounts of erosion, how can we preserve the wildlife that depend on the rainforests and trees for food and habitat?

These questions, yes can be answered with modern technology, a few apps and some lifestyle changed are literally all it takes for you to make a huge difference on our future. So will you consider going paperless? Make the most of modern technology, use the notepad app instead of an actual notepad. Use SignTech paperless forms instead of actual paper forms for customers, indulge in some online shopping rather than use gas when going out. These simple things really make a difference.

SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration. For more information visit or email

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