The Price of Progress

The Price of Progress

This is the season; yes the season for new technology. I always get excited around this time, seeing the reveal of greater things that push us to better heights. Every year, customarily once a year, phones and tablets, watches and operating systems.

Before I started with SignTech, I’ll admit Technology had always fascinated me but it was not enough for me to keep up to date past watching the advert for the newest iPhone or seeing the unveiling of a new Samsung phone. Now I follow every release of every operating system and new gadget I deem important with a slightly unhealthy obsession.

If you think back to just fifteen years ago, its amazing to realise how far we’ve come, just using a few per cent of our brain. We couldn’t even imagine phones (tablets weren’t even released then) being able to do what they can today GPS tracking, taking pictures of such resolution that competes with professional cameras, being able to function so highly that we are perfectly justified in questioning the real value of a computer. Kindles replacing actual books, the Internet replacing libraries, storage drives replacing countless mounds of files and papers. Applications making use of manpower obsolete in some aspects of life.

As a result of the fast development of technology, we also have developed a fast paced culture and short attention spans, this, unfortunately has an extremely dangerous down side, in our pursuit of entertainment we create, discard, create and discard with little to no regard to our environment damaging the earth in the process. Because we cant possibly ask development to slow down we found some ways to preserve some sanity and structure with simple methods such as Recycling, going paperless in some areas, reusing and reducing the use of things that aren’t really necessary.

I’m glad SignTech focuses on going paperless because based on a lot of research I’ve done in the last few months, I’ve realised that saving tress saves more than just trees. The oxygen provided for us animals, the habitats for insects that keep the eco system in balance, erosion is prevented by foliage and vegetation, so is flooding, trees absorb harmful carbons that destroy the ozone layer. This prevents the melting of the ice caps in the north and south poles which promote global warming, and rapid evaporation of the water bodies that we use for drinking transportation and habitats for sea animals, which is also a source of food for us.

I’m not saying that going paperless and getting SignTech as an app for your company or business is going to suddenly solve all the problems but it will, it will save trees and that does contribute to all the causes I mentioned.

Technology comes with a price and if that price is not paid there will be repercussions for us all. Its all well and good when we’re getting the latest release of different phones, laptops or tablets and not just electronics but clothes, styles and cosmetics, shoes, books, but while getting all of this, we have to keep the environment in our consideration always.

Companies can start by incorporating SignTech, individuals can start by going paperless and recycling. And you can start by spreading the word.


SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration. For more information visit or email

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