The Earth; Our Responsibility

Imagine your house was going to ruins; the roof was breaking through allowing the elements to pummel your body, the yard was overrun with weeds and pests an there were rodents and wild animals eating at your vegetables. Imagine the windows were broken and glass lay strewn all over your floors, the woodwork was being eaten away constantly by termites the walls weakening day by day. Just think, would you be comfortable living that way?

Now, I want you, with that image branded in your mind, to think about the earth. No, the earth isn’t the house; the earth is in much worse shape than that house I just described. I suppose the analogy isn’t fully appropriate because its different with a house, you can move out when it does eventually collapse, but if the earth does eventually “collapse” where are you going to move? The moon? Mars? Space shuttle? The harsh reality is that even if the moon were habitable many couldn’t even afford it anyway.

We’re stuck with this planet, but its not necessarily stuck with us, many species have come and been extinct, if even creatures as mighty as the dinosaurs were wiped out, what chance do you think the human species can stand if the earth does decide to finally go berserk on us?

Recently the doomsday clock was moved one minute closer to midnight by a group of highly qualified atomic scientists, we’re talking noble laureates and scholars. One minute might not seem like much but note that the doomsday clock is a few minutes to minutes- and by a few I mean less than five.

Just like that house, our planet is our responsibility, we have to fix it, rebuild it and restore it back t its perfect condition.

Single handed it is pretty much impossible to rebuild the earth, and even when everyone in the world joins hands to fix our planet it is unlikely that wed be able to get it back to its perfect condition but we will make a true and proper difference. Which is why we absolutely have to. The planet is our home and we have to make sure that it doesn’t fall down around our ears.

Many people don’t realise that everything that happens in this world concerns us and it is our job as citizens of this earth to fix the problems. And even though I have focused on paperless solutions a lot, and encouraged everyone to try to live a paperless life there are other ways to aid the planet.

This means even if you don’t go around hacking down trees, you have a role to play in the fight against deforestation because you do use paper don’t you? It’s virtually the same thing because the trees are cut down because of us. Deforestation brings about erosion, destruction of habitats and global warming, its most likely the two of the three that jumped at you the most didn’t include the destruction of habitats because they don’t seem so important but they are. All forms of wildlife keep the food chain balanced, which is why it’s your duty to prevent the extinction of different animals.

Because it’s our use of paper-based products and rubber based products that make cutting trees a necessity. The pulp found in the centre of trees is used to make latex, a by-pro duct of many elastic merchandise, trees aren’t the only way products are made, The continuous use of products lead to the creation of landfills because, where else are we going to put all the trash? With this reasoning I think we can safely assume that the matters of landfill sites are your responsibilities by substituting the use of some products and optimising the utility of these things to there doesn’t have to be any wastage, then when we’re done with them, we use it again or recycle. Additionally, you should plant trees whenever you can to replace the ones that have been cut because you can be held accountable for the depletion of the ozone layer this is the main cause of global warming, and global warming is the cause of many things in the environment that we do vehicles we drive emit carbons that deplete the ozone layer causing excessive heat to reduce the water bodies, killing sea creature and disturbing the salinity of water. This affects the seafood you eat which makes the evaporating water bodies your business. Finding alternate solutions to using paper is something that many should strive to do which makes SignTech is your responsibility, with paperless solutions to the question of forms this especially is necessary for companies and businesses that are looking to find paperless solutions to their work problems. Companies use much more paper than any individual could. It is said the average business uses an estimate of 10 trees a year. When multiplied by how many companies are in the world that is a lot of trees.

Whether you fully realise it or not, you are personally responsible for taking care of the world and her problems, in everyway you can.

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