Stop whatever you doing

Stop Whatever You’re doing right Now

As you get older, it begins to seem like time is going faster than you are, so to battle this feeling we go faster than time, high powered jobs, errands, chores and taking care of kids, business, trying to keep up with what we consider to be the pace of life.

Personally working with SignTech, focusing on paperless solutions, paperless apps can sometimes be a little hectic for me, from talking about the environment to talking about companies and mobile apps. It makes me try to go faster and even faster everyday and I realised that it made me age faster too. You’re probably doing the exact same thing that I did- that I sometimes still do sadly.


So I’m going to ask you to stop, whatever it is you’re doing right now and just don’t to anything for a moment, close your eyes, listen to whatever is around you. Maybe it’s the background noise of the office, your kids playing and laughing, your TV blaring, husband or wife snoring, just listen to it, don’t try and drown it out but immerse yourself in the sound.

Now breathe in. through your nose- hold it in- and exhale through your mouth. Sit up in your chair, and stretch a little pull your hands up, twist them to the side.

Do this everyday, no matter what; at work, at home, really anywhere.

Now I’m not a life coach, or a yoga-meditating guru or something of that sort, but there are just a few things I feel that everyone should do to keep life calm, simple and in perspective. Like pressing a calm down button in your brain just for a few minutes, nothing more.


Wake up with the sun.

There is something about watching the sunrise that is so undeniably calming. A morning cup of coffee or tea, a nice long walk, some meditation, it’s a perfect start to what will be a good day.


Talk to yourself every morning

At first I did this to boost my confidence, when I struggled with some body image issues, I would wake up, go to the mirror, and tell myself, “You are a beautiful woman, confident, poised, perfect, and today is gong to be a great day”. The first few days felt admittedly weird, and I didn’t think of it s anything but trust me, you tell yourself this everyday you will begin to truly believe it and then others will too.


Breathe in and out

It is as simple as it gets. Just five minutes every morning, focus on your breathing and they way you feel. Gather up some positive energy to help you tackle on the day.


Plan a spa or holiday- or both.

There are so many you can get, for great prices on sites like from weekend getaways, to full day spa treatments coupled with overnight stays starting from £30 and above. It’s something that you need to indulge yourself in at least once every three months. That’s not all, they have theatre tickets and


SignTech paperless solutions wishes you a happy, fulfilled and simple calming day.


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