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If I could shout it from the roof tops- without getting arrested- I would. Save the planet! Go paperless! I don’t know how many blogs, articles I’ve written to this effect. I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. My feet hurt from standing on the soapbox for too long. I’ve told you to do everything, from recycling to cycling, using SignTech, going paperless, reusing items, saving electricity, but ONE thing I don’t think I’ve really said, is that aside all of this, we have to spread our knowledge. And I mean spread it like wildfire. Spread it faster than global warming, and climate change. Rock the world harder than an earthquake… what? I’m not a poet.

There are too many people living in bliss, walking around in a bubble thinking that the world is just fine and dandy, oh yes there are a few earthquakes here, some tsunamis there but really, that’s all just normal. I mean, it does snow a little less, heat waves are getting worse and worse, maybe we’re just having an unusually bad year. Skin cancer count is up by a significant percentage over the last decade or so but really, everyone gets cancer right, so what’s the big deal?

We need to burst their bubble, rain on their parade, shake them our of their stupor, snatch those rose tinted glasses they use to look at the world and crush, crush them until its just dust. We need to make them see, really see that all these things happening is NOT just the earth being normal, it’s the earth dying and we’re doing nothing to stop it. We may be recycling, being energy efficient, getting into a paperless life, buying hybrid cars and reusing plastic bags, which is all well and good, in fact its better than good, its great but its not enough. We have to tell our friends and colleagues and anyone we get the opportunity to tell that measures should be taken against global warming. We have to spread the word on our changing planet and ways we can help ease that change into something liveable.

Personally, I focus on going paperless because as I’ve said countless times, trees and vegetation in general are the key solutions to many of the problems we have concerning the earth; carbon emissions, destruction of habitat, extinction of species, erosion, wearing away of the ozone layer you name it. We would be killing countless birds with one stone if we just focused on planting trees, reviving our rainforests and vegetation, it would fix so many problems that we could make a significant difference in a relatively short amount of time.


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