So What Should You Eat?

My last two articles have been about food. I have stressed over and over the importance of being careful what you put in your mouth. “You are what you eat.” And it is very true. Food affects our moods, our friends, our social circles, our way of thinking so if food is that important why are we so careless about checking the ingredients before putting that tasty cheeseburger in our mouths?

Simple, because it’s tasty, and we just can’t help ourselves. Maybe stress, or celebrations, going out with friends cause us to eat outside our recommended foods list, after all you don’t want to be that social pariah who’d “rather have the salad” while all your friends are scarfing down their cheesy steaks and thick crust pepperoni pizzas. So you give into the “peer pressure” and you just eat whatever is put in front of you.

So what should you eat if everything is seemingly unsafe? It comes down to two words: Go Green.

Going green isn’t just for going paperless by incorporating methods such as recycling in your daily life, but in your dietary life as well. Going green doesn’t mean planting your own garden in your backyard and growing your own food (though if you can do that, you should) to ensure that everything you put in your mouth has been safely plucked from mother earth. That’s not it, but it also doesn’t mean that just cause the food has the label 100% organic doesn’t mean that it is either.

The farmers market is your friend

I cannot guarantee that everything here is 100% safe for consumption but I can assure you that in todays word, where the manufacturers are more concerned with shelf life and food’s taste, this is the much better option. I like shopping at the farmers market because it feels safe knowing that the people selling them in stores organically grow most of these things here. You can be rest assured that the steps that the foods take between being harvested and sold to you didn’t include many harmful chemicals and strange ingredients. Whenever you can, buy whatever you have to from the farmer’s market.

Shop Locally

There’s nothing wrong with big brands. I may be slightly hipster, but I do not point fingers at chain store giants blaming them for everything that is wrong in the consumer industry, yet- I think that it is in your best interest to go for thing things made in your local stores. This is not to take a stab at huge companies but to emphasise that usually (this is not always the case), foods crafted by hand, by a lesser-known individual is usually more taken care of, made with care and with less harmful chemicals than the big chain brands. If you must buy pastries and unhealthy foods, why not consider your local bakery or that small restaurant down the street?

To Fry or Not To Fry

If you must, use olive oil, it is much, much healthier than every single oil I can think of. But really, do we actually need to fry a lot of the things that we do? Eggs, potatoes, chicken, vegetables, beef etc. if you can, eating it raw is the best option. Steaming is also great for cooking, boiling makes sure that there’s not really any of that added fat in there, and my personal favourite, air frying. I don’t know the mechanics of if but I do know that its works. You can literally fry so much food with one spoon of oil. At first I was a bit sceptical thinking, how on earth can you fry stuff with just one spoon of oil but honestly, it does work (it is quite expensive though and if you don’t eat that much fried food, this purchase isn’t quite necessary in my opinion).

So there you have it. Three simple steps that in my opinion encompass the entire concept of going green with your eating. Because going green is so much more than going paperless.

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