Signtech Wants You

SignTech Wants You!

No, we are not recruiting for an army, well unless you call a group of people that are working tirelessly for the wellbeing of the planet, blogging and turning off taps an army then yes we are recruiting for an army.

Do you own a business? Are you a start up company? Is your business growing but not quite there yet? SignTech is the kind of company that targets the people who haven’t really made their mark in the world yet. Now I am not trying to call anyone small but yes, some companies are more prominent than others.

SignTech works for every kind of business and company, any one who wants to have a paperless form can have it. Despite this SignTech was built geared towards the small to midsized companies. There are so many out there that having an enormous pool of companies is better than having a few massive ones because the community matters to a lot as well as healthy competition in the various markets.

Sometimes when I tell people about SignTech and I try to explain the benefits of going paperless I sometimes point out that people have begun to buy into the idea of going paperless by naming one of our more famous clients like Barclays bank. Once I mention any huge company name people tend to back off. This is not the proper reaction, at least not the one that I hope for when speaking to people about going paperless in your business or anything really.

I only put in other companies names so that you’ll see that people are starting to see the importance of going paperless and it should make you feel confident about making your decisions about your business.

SignTech is looking for the companies that aren’t so prominent because right now the forms are extremely optimized for a relatively small to not so large number of people this is one because we want to give the best customer service possible. Establishing a personal relationship with another company is easier when you can have proper one-on-one conversation with the workers and owners of the business so that SignTech is more than just a product designed to make you and the planet better off, it is easier to do this when the company is smaller or medium sized.

One of the reasons that we want the individuals with small businesses and mid sized companies is simply because we want to help you help us help the environment and we sincerely (as a company that’s not as prominent as we want to be yet) would like to be a part of your success. Because we know how it feels to be that start up company, and what it feels like to be lost in a sea of competitors. So if you are in fact that small company, or your business is rapidly growing and you’re a mid sized company or you’re just one person starting up your business, we are looking for you. We made SignTech just for you.


SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration.  For more information visit or email

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