SignTech Paperless Solutions named one of 5 ‘Big Ideas’ in the UK

The SignTech Paperless Platform has been named as one of UK’s top 5 big ideas in the Elance global competition, which reviewed over 800 ideas and start-ups. SignTech Paperless Forms platform is created by E-beeze LTD, a mobile app development and web solutions company.

The platform includes the SignTech app, which is available on Andoid, iOS and Windows platforms as well as an SDK allowing seamless integration into existing apps.

SignTech Paperless Solutions founder, Leke Babalola states, “we have significantly brought down the barriers to entry for going paperless. Any company can simply submit their forms and have a personalized section of the paperless mobile app live and working within minutes. This is an industry game changer…”

Adam Miklos, one of the technical team members says “It simply takes you 1 minute to upload your form and you have a paperless mobile app presence within a few hours – fully working”

We are looking forward to presenting the SignTech project (at Google in London that aims to get a minimum of 1 million organisations and forms paperless in 2014. We are also interested in talking to anyone that has a similar goals or who would like to contribute to achieving this goal.

SignTech paperless solutions are due to exhibit at the AppsWorld exhibition in San Francisco on February 5 and 6.

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SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration. For more information visit or email

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