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SignTech paperless forms is steadily creating a global presence, with the headquarters in Hungary, an office in the UK and even as far as Nigeria, we are also equally concerned with what happens in different parts of the world especially if its in a country where SignTech paperless are involved in.

By now, the news of Boko Haram in Nigeria has spread world wide, from bomb blast to bomb blast to the horrific kidnapping of more than 200 school girls in the north. They were fooled into thinking that there was a WAEC exam and when the girls had gathered, they were abducted.

Unfortunately there has been no sign of these unfortunate attacks slowing down, Most recently as of this morning there was a bomb blast in Jos State, where it is said that over 110 people have been confirmed as dead and at least 45 people are injured.

The blasts took place in Terminus, a part of Jos which houses shops, offices and a market. The back-to-back explosions blew up many shops, shattered windows and sent rubble into the road.

Despite help from countries such as the US, UK and even France, and the support of the employees here at SignTech we have not seen much improvement with the situation. We hope and pray that the Boko Haram and whoever is responsible for these attacks are apprehended and stopped.

Despite common misconstrued knowledge, Boko Haram is not simply a ground of Muslim terrorists attacking the country. Many of the victims, actually an insurmountable number of victims of these attacks are Muslim. Boko Haram (which translates to “western education is forbidden”) could comprise of Christians, traditionalists, Muslims, atheists for all we know, but Almost all Nigerian citizens that were asked of their opinion regarding Boko Haram expressed a deep dislike and disagreement for what they stood for and their actions. This only goes to show that despite sharing the same nationality, they do not share the same sentiment of the terrorists. Why I stress on this, is simply because its important that you do not let this unfortunate situation affect the way you treat other people, especially those of different races, nationalities and religions as you.

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