What, you may ask, is a Pitch Marathon?

This innovative event enables invited organisations and individuals to pitch their product or service to a panel of Venture Capitalists who award “Pitch Marathon Euros” to each participant in amounts that they feel the pitch deserved.

SignTech’s founder and CEO, Leke Babalola attended the event recently on behalf of the company and made the pitch for them. Leke’s product, SignTech’s ground-breaking paperless forms application, was very well received and, although not a winner on this occasion, Leke made lots of useful contacts to help him and the company drive the product forward in the future.

In particular, Leke was keen to sing the praises of Christoph Sollich, a man who has the unusual title of “Pitch Doctor”. Christoph provided coaching in the preparation and delivery of a successful business pitch to Leke and the other participants in the Pitch Marathon.

Leke said afterwards, “Christoph was amazingly helpful. He helped turn the presentation slides into a well-structured deck that was presented in 4 minutes - can't thank him enough.”

After his visit to the pitch doctor, Leke went on to say, “It was great to have had the opportunity to present to a room filled with VCs, angels and investors, it certainly put me in good stead for future discussions.”

Although this is a relatively new idea, it seems that Pitch Marathons can serve as a channel through which entrepreneurs like Leke can interact and engage with Venture Capitalists and others whom they might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

So it’s a big round of applause for the Pitch Marathon from SignTech who will surely be attending more events like this in the future.

Leke Babalola, SignTech’s founder and CEO, (second left), shows off the SignTech paperless forms and signature technology to eager venture capitalists at the recent Pitch Marathon in Berlin.

SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration. For more information visit or email

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