Report from the AppsWorld Exhibition in San Francisco - part 2

We didn’t have much time to be exhausted since in the morning of the second day another bunch of people arrived at our booth. A strong espresso solved the situation so we could continue where we halted the day before. During the day quite a few investors stopped by the SignTech booth and gave us a lot of positive feedback.

In the middle of the day our team had been given a chance to perticipate a TV interview with the media consultant of the organizers of AppsWorld. With great excitement we pulled together our booth, and we did it just in the right time since the crew had already set up the „improvised” studio.

We had been given some critique and questions by our audience which we had to address going forward. Particularly we needed to make people understand the difference between DocuSign and SignTech.

To sum everything up San Francisco is an incredible place at its best. The exhibition on the other hand gave us a massive burst for our undiminished enthusiasm for the future. In the meantime we have been given the chance to make a lot of valuable connections. Thank you San Francisco!

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