The Missing Plane

While writing for the paperless blog, I’ve come across some fascinating things and Personally, I think that this has to be one of the most interesting things I’ve heard… this week.

We all know that there is a special place where the second sock always goes, somehow they can never be found, even when you’re moving house. Well what about airplanes? Where do they go?

Many people would speculate the Bermuda triangle, but this particular plane was nowhere near the tri-area of mystery, yet it somehow managed to pull off a disappearing act right in front of the world’s eyes.

No wreckage, thank God, nor dead bodies, but yet that doesn’t make it any better for the many families waiting to hear back from Malaysia airlines about their loved ones that were on that flight both in the airports in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

According to the Vietnamese navy, plane is said to have gone missing within Malaysian maritime territory, which narrows down the search in some way, but people (me, just me really) still think that there are many other explanations for this bizarre event.

This is a far-cry from the ‘save the earth’ articles I usually write to you all but this was too interesting to pass up. So pause with the paperless talk for now and onto other things.

Now I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I do think that something interesting- no- much bigger than we realize is happening here, maybe this is just one thing in a string of connected events. For instance, many say that Malaysia does not check the passport database for flights, and it just so happened that the two people that didn’t go on the flights had their passports stolen in Thailand, and this has been confirmed- well almost- by the officials. In addition to this, Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has said they have CCTV footage confirming that the people who probably had the stolen passports did board the plane confirming that there were two people connected to some sort of criminal activity on board that flight.

The tickets that these two bought were almost purchased at the same time and the seat numbers were- surprise, surprise- consecutive.

Despite all this admittedly interesting speculation, the most important thing in all of this are the people, the families if the passengers on board and finding the wreckage (or full plane intact- lets hope for the best) with all the people before trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Lets hope that unlike the socks that are never found, wherever this plane went to is completely findable and safe. Different countries have offered to help, with Singapore sending a submarine, and a plane, China and Vietnam sending aircrafts to aid in the search, there is hope for the people that want answers.

SignTech extends our condolences to the families of the passengers that were onboard that flight. Don’t give up hope. It took five days for the majority of AirFrance’s wreckage to be found in the Atlantic Ocean and this has just been a little of that while.

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