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If you’re anything like me, you probably feel uncomfortable working with certain companies for certain reasons, one of which is; it feels like there are no human beings behind the logo.

I don’t like feeling that the company I associate with are just a bunch of robots that don’t get me and what I’m about. I enjoy feeling warm, appreciated and genuinely understood by any company I buy products from, work for or even just encounter, like there are human beings working behind the scenes who care about more than just selling me some produce and making profit.

So it’s natural for me to not want you to feel like you’re working with a robot rather than a very gorgeous lady behind the computer thinking about each and everyone of you as I write this post.

One thing I like about E-Beeze is that we take measures to ensure that there is a lot of interaction between staff, and clients; current and potential.

Recently we decided to hold a workshop where the main divisions’ offices (Hungary and London) converged.

There was a workshop in Budapest; two team members from London office arrived to Budapest for a 3-day business trip, in order to work more closely with the Hungarian team at the beautiful capital.

Everyone got to know each other outside the work environment and absolutely no business was allowed to be discussed we went sightseeing, and took our time to get to know each other.

On Saturday our new team member working at the Sales and Marketing department was introduced to the Hungarian team. A welcome cake baked by Nora was shared to everyone and I have reports that that was the best cake anyone had eaten in a while.

We had workshops on marketing and IT then later on in the evening, the team decided to go sightseeing in Budapest. It is truly a beautiful city, so much lovely scenery surrounded us; we ended up taking countless pictures.

The team went to Margaret Island in order to discover the heart of Budapest and to have a nice conversation by the sunset.

Later on our small troupe of geeks and e-beeze specialists spent some quality time at the Garden of the moon bar, we stayed in the till 5am just talking and getting to know each other. Some of us tried teaching the CEO Leke Hungarian, which he was pretty good at, and we got him addicted to kurtoskalacs a type of Hungarian pastry roll. It tastes amazing.

This was important for us because an informal environment can encourage some people to open up and can promote better teamwork and friendship among the team/between the colleagues, which it did.

The main reason why this activity was important was because really we did it all for you, so that we can work better together and provide higher quality services for you and you can feel like our company has your best interests at heart. Which we do.

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