For The Love of all things Sporty

We at SignTech paperless have observed something… it seems as though the entire global community is stretching… yes, stretching. Many are preparing for the sports events that are happening, from the commonwealth games to the Rio de Janerio world cup all within the time span of just a few months.

Last year David Coleman, the famous and loved BBC sports broadcaster died just a few days before Christmas. This year, many have gathered together to celebrate the life of David Coleman. He was awarded an OBE in 1992, and retired in the year 2000 after over 45 years of bringing 11 Olympic games and six world cups to us on our radio stations. His memorial service was in central London on Wednesday, attended by family and friends.

Naturally, you have to have been a certain age to appreciate Coleman in his prime, even though I really do believe that every moment was his prime until when he retired. Quite a few of us at SignTech paperless forms loved to listen to David Coleman as he presented. Its no surprising news that you cant really put much emotion into something as fleeting as a sports commentary, and that is why its so memorable that just by his words or simply his intonation David was able to capture the moment as transport you to the massive roaring crowds in the stadiums right in your living room. Simple phrases like “Oh what a run! What a run! Truly magnificent!” held so much life in them that it made it easy to imagine really “what a run” that was.

David Coleman aside from being a greatly loved presenter was no lover of flashy celebrity athletes and kept all his interviews, unpretentious and sometimes even brutally honest, which is one quality I liked and respected about him.

Despite the fame and fortune he managed a happy home, with six children and a loving wife Barbara. He is survived by his six children and grandchildren.

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