As I said in my previous article, this is the season for new technology. I always get excited around this time, seeing the reveal of greater things that push us to better heights. Every year, customarily once a year, phones and tablets, watches and operating systems are released. This is the time I take my mind off the paperless company, and all ideas of living a paperless life and I indulge myself in catching up with the latest products like catching up with an old friend.

Apple has already revealed the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus, in addition to this they’ve announced their new watch. Now the watch part I saw coming from miles away because not only apple has announced their release of a new watch but Samsung might have one up their sleeves too (har har, see what I did there?).

This is also the season when everyone is frenzied shoving and pushing over each other in the mad race just to get the latest product simply for the fact that its new. I’m typing on a MacBook so I know the lure of apple they’re amazing with making customers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club, like they took special care crafting your product by hand, with love and care and so much precision that it might as well have your name engraved on the back before you even buy it. Apple makes you feel like you and the phone were predestined to meet even before they were created. That is one reason I’ve always admired the company, how that established this feeling of intimacy between you and the product. They really put the ‘i’ in iPhone.

Or maybe I’m just obsessive and crazy, who knows?

That being said, people have to be careful to not get caught up and swept away by the hype of new things. Don’t get the iPhone just because it’s the new iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy just because it’s the newest one. It will eventually become old. You don’t always have to upgrade to the next OS just cause its come out and you most certainly don’t have to jump at the chance to pre-order the newest iPhone just because everyone’s so excited.

Apple started the trend that I’ve noticed, making their phones longer and slimmer the resolution sharper with an upgraded camera and not much else. I do like the speed of their phones but recently I’ve noticed that even that is not such a significant difference.

This is not an attack on the integrity of the companies as I have already said, I greatly admire them but I am getting quite tired of people buying just because of the age-old reason “everyone’s doing it”.

The same thing goes for Samsung. There was a day I didn’t think they’d ever even be able to compete with the success Apple was experiencing but these days it’s a completely different sentiment. With phones and tablets and watches dropping like flies one can only stop to think, are we being caught up in a whirlwind culture of in with the new out with the old?

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