How to save the world

How to Save the World

I love comic book heroes, who doesn’t? Batman, superman, Wonder woman, Storm, Shadow cat, Cat woman, Iron man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Spider man, Super woman, The Incredibles, I could name so many, pages and pages endless numbers of super heroes and bore you to death or I could get to the point.

No one can be superman, he’s not real, flight, laser vision, ice breath, super speed, heightened senses, really who on earth could compete? Maybe you could. In SignTech, I always say this to people, that you can save the world. Obviously the normal reactions are. “psshht yeah right” or “Look, be realistic.” I am being realistic right now. As realistic as can be and I am telling you that you could save the world.

Saving the planet doesn’t have to be anything as dramatic as splitting an asteroid headed for earth in half while in space, or defeating aliens from outer space. Saving the world can be as simple as talking, telling your friends, or colleagues, family about ways to conserve resources. For instance, I always tell my friends whenever they leave the lights on that it harms the environment more than they realise.

Now, I’m not going to lie and say that I get through to everyone but I do sometimes get the desired reaction. They turn off the lights, or sometimes they laugh and call me a hippie. But I still do it because I want to save the world.

Unlike superman, I cannot save the planet by myself, it’s a collective effort on my part and yours. Without us collaborating on we wont be able to save anything. Before your mind goes to far away ideas of what it means to save planet earth, you should know that its actually an easy thing to do.

For me, saving the world can be as simple as going paperless, recycling and telling others to do it. paperless solutions prevents deforestation, which in turn prevents the depletion of the ozone and destruction of wildlife and their habitats.

Saving the world is as easy as catching a ride with a friend to work so you don’t have to take your car or the bus. Carpooling prevents more Co2 gases from being released into the atmosphere.

Saving the planet is as easy as recycling, and reusing things so you wont have to buy new products. For every ounce of new product that is produced 4.2 ounces of CO2 gases are released into the atmosphere.

Saving the world is simple, easy and so very doable. You don’t need to learn how to fly, or have super strength and speed, you just need to learn the basics, conserve, preserve resources, and anyway you can, go paperless.


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