How And Why You Should Go Green In Your Home

It seems like the whole world is slowly desecrating. National geographic, animal planet, zone reality, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, everyone seems to be talking about global warming, energy crisis, ecosystem, fuel scarcity, extinction, deforestation and many other negative things affecting our planet. Us being normal people don’t really care about these problems; after-all, we’re not scientists. We go about our daily lives, not wanting, or caring enough to fix the problems we’re continuously causing in our environment, who cares about recycling, and going paperless? Only scientists! That’s who. People think that simple things don’t make a difference, but in reality they do. There are over seven billion people on the planet, if people take this as seriously as the scientists do, we can make this earth liveable for the next generation.


Many things that we throw away can be used to make a lot of new things; papers, old pencils, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, plastic bags and containers. But them in the recycle bins. We don’t need to cut down new trees for new paper, or manufacture new glass to new bottles. The old ones, when treated well, will do just fine, and this is an extremely effective way to solve a lot of problems in the eco system.

Go Paperless

Be honest. How many e-mails do you really need to print out? Did you absolutely need five copies of that form? Yes you could have made a mistake on one, but we hear things about the screen spoiling your eyes and how its not that good for you but there are compromises. Going paperless is simple, substituting paperbacks for e-books, using online forms in your company rather than the paper-based forms, e-signatures rather than having to print out things for signing.
Of course it would be slightly ridiculous to live a completely “paperfree” life, but the little you do does make a difference. Think of how many trees you’re saving from being cut down.


Many hoarders can relate to this. That item that we know deep down in our hearts is completely useless but we still come up with a million reasons to keep it. How about just one? It can be used again. Plastic bags especially. When you’re done shopping, fold them up, use it as a liner for that small bin in your bathroom, or that old chocolate tin you wanted to throw away. Use it to keep little bits and pieces lying around the house. Reuse.

Turn It Off

Light switches, sockets, televisions, air conditioners, fans, heaters and many more things, do they really need to be on all the time? Yes we know that walking to the back of the air-conditioner to turn on the socket is slightly inconvenient, but wouldn’t you rather do that that fighting your way out of a snow storm caused by global warming?

Go SignTech

SignTech is simple. Paperless. Eco-friendly. And Efficient. So why not go SignTech? The Technology is aimed at businesses to help them use paperless forms for a vast amount of people, which in addition to helping the company, helps the environment.

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