If you’ve been watching the news at all lately you’ll see that there’s a new disease generating great concern worldwide.

SignTech paperless solutions is an international company with some ties to Nigeria, and so what happens in Africa concerns us as well, especially if it’s in the west-African region.

It is said to be the worst in Liberia, and generating a nation-wide panic. Airlines have stopped flying to that country amongst a few others, the government had decreed a lockdown of the borders, that is no movement in or out of the country until further notice, and many people, are dying from this disease which at the moment seems to have no widely-available cure.

Scientists in Canada have made an experimental batch of 1000 treatments for the virus, which have been shipped off though they say that it might take a while to make the next batch.

Some Ebola virus patients have been treated and cured of the disease, which is a glimmer of hope for those who have been said to have it. Despite this, chances of survival are higher if the virus is detected early.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about by now, then you probably don’t watch the news. EVD, Ebola Virus Disease, I heard about it a few months ago, but only when I visited Nigeria that I really heard about it. Banks making all customers use hand sanitizer at the door (kudos to Eco-bank by the way for taking that initiative), airport arrivals and departures incorporated a system where your temperature is taken before you’re cleared to travel.

Some hospitals, despite being for sick people, also take your temperature before allowing you into certain wings of the hospital.

Different organizations have already donated funds and research to the cause including the WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (United Nations).

Despite it gaining massive amounts of popularity now, the disease was actually first discovered in 1976, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is infectious and generally fatal, marked by severe internal bleeding and fever, though mild symptoms include fatigue, headaches and nausea. It is spread through contact with infected bodily fluids by a filovirus (Ebola Virus).

Now if you’re like me and can’t help but travel to some countries in West Africa, including Nigeria, then the only obvious option you have is preventing yourself from contacting the Ebola Virus Disease. That can be done by being as clean as possible; washing your hands regularly, carrying around a small bottle of hand sanitizer is also useful especially when you’ve been in contact with shared surfaces. Being clean and being careful is very, very important especially in these times, when diseases can be spread faster than wildfire. SignTech is concerned not just with paperless solutions that benefit the eco system but also solutions that benefit your health. Stay clean, Stay healthy.

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