Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

I’ve been talking about the earth and our eco system for a while, pointing out obvious solutions to problems that cause harm to our planet. Paperless forms for preventing excessive use of paper, recycling and reusing items to save money and natural resources, walking, cycling and public transportation to reduce carbon emission into the atmosphere. All these simple steps, if followed, could be the difference between utter destruction of the planet or a brighter future for our earth.

Despite my talking the talk, there are some places where I don’t walk the walk; I don’t recycle, I don’t usually take public transport and I hardly walk to my destinations.

Now this isn’t because I don’t want to help the eco system but rather because besides monitoring my electricity and water usage, I can’t.

The sad truth is that I have been to some places where you wouldn’t find a single recycling bin. Places where the citizens think they have greater worries than the ‘environment’ and no one is energy conscious.

In countries like America and the United Kingdom there is always the looming mindfulness of the deteriorating eco system but there is a distinct lack of awareness regarding the condition of our planet in places especially developing countries.

Many people who watch the news know that developing countries almost always have more political and environmental problems than the countries we classify as developed and so it stands to reason that they don’t put the eco system in the forefront of their worries but the earth is at her 11th hour. This is the time to raise awareness, even if its only telling your friend to turn off their light switch, or not leave the tap running. Its important that as individuals we bring to the forefront of people’s consciousness that recycling, however vital for our eco system, isn’t the only way to help the environment.

It is imperative that in these places you are more energy conscious than you ever were anywhere else. Conserve water, electricity. Reuse your plastic bags and other items till they fall apart, and when you’re done trash them neatly in the bin. Carpooling with your friends or co-workers is an efficient way to save money, fuel and prevent Carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

In terms of paper usage, and paperless solutions stress the importance of digital files over sheets of documents. Impose the relevance of a flash drive in the stead of a folder and for work try your best not to print out anything unless you absolutely have to.

Awareness of eco-solutions and environmental issues should be raised in the countries that need it the most, in regions like West Africa, the sub Sahara and parts of the Middle East.

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