Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Ideas

Now, your girl, or guy may not admit it, but there is a 99% chance that they are true romantics at heart. After all, they are not robots.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, many are looking to their partners with wide expectant eyes, hoping that you’ve planned some special grand Valentine’s Day scheme for the both of you to enjoy.

Well you’re here because you haven’t got anything planned, and as if that wasn’t enough your partner, or you, are not just concerned with Valentines Day presents, but also saving the planet, a little bit like what we do here at SignTech with paperless solutions. Have no fear, SignTech is here!

Here are some Eco friendly Ideas for Valentines Day

Take the generic flowers and chocolates a little further:

If your special somebody is very conscious about their carbon footprint, assure them that on valentines day it will be virtually non-existent. Organic flowers and Organic chocolates are just a step further than the normal flowers and a box of Cadbury digestives, an idea used by millions and millions of people that it is… dare I say, not that special anymore. By getting your sweetheart all organic materials and even going so far as to support the paperless cause by wrapping the present in recycled materials (not tacky recycled mind you), you show them that you’re thinking of them and also you respect what they stand for.

In addition to this there are many organic wines that you can get for under $25, and they taste much better than the normal inorganic wines that we buy today.

Paper it up:

You live in a house, or an apartment, or a trailer, basically somewhere with a roof, unless you eat paper, there is a 100% chance that there are scraps of paper, unused sheets, old news papers lying around the house. In support of going paperless, why not turn them into something romantic; little cut out hearts with heart felt notes written on them. Just simply cut out the shapes you want, paint (to cover all those unwanted words) over it maybe pink or red, and when it dries write all the ardent declarations of love and cute sayings that she’ll or he’ll keep for months maybe even years to come if you’re lucky.

Adopt an animal:

Now now, before your mind starts running wild with thoughts of “how do I take care of this animal, clean up after it, take it on walks?” You’re merely adopting it. Someone else takes care of the animal for you. For as little as £2.50 a month, or you could make a one time donation, and in return get a picture of the animal, with a complete biography and also whenever you want, you can visit the animal you’ve adopted. This is great gift for your partner with a soft spot toward animals. Not to be presented on its own though. You could pair it with organic chocolate and flowers too. And no, these aren’t just domestic pets but exotic creatures such as tigers, lions and many more.


Valentines Day is a day for romance, break ups, get togethers, sometimes it marks the start of a new relationship, other times it marks the start of a new level of commitment in tour relationship, maybe you were just friends now you’re boyfriend and girlfriend, or maybe you’re already dating and now you want to husband and wife. The rings may be just material and yes the love is what matters the most but, lets admit it, the ring is important too.

Brilliant earth specialises in non-conflict purely eco-friendly rings, diamonds and gemstones. From as little as $300 (roughly £190) you can get beautiful rings for your loved ones, real silver, nothing that will wear over time.

This isn’t just for those wanting to pop* the question but if you want to get a lovely gift for your wife, or girlfriend too. Plus did I mention that there is free shipping both ways? Its not paperless but it’s very eco-friendly.

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