The Eco-Friendly Commute

I remember when I was choosing universities for my bachelor’s degree; I decided that I wanted to go to a school based on which countries had the best places for cycling. Having never been to continental Europe, I thought that it would be all green hills, cottages, windmills and sheep.

Yes… I really thought that.

Granted, there are some really scenic villages that you will run across in lovely places like Lyon in France and Hungary but really, the important places like universities have been westernized so much so that really, who needs a bicycle?

Well we at SignTech are hell to tell you that that you may not really need a bicycle but you don’t really need a car to do well… anything. Except take really long road camping trips. Then yeah, you’ll need a car.


Do I really need to emphasise that this is the best, eco-friendly, healthy way to get from point A to point B? Not only will the environment will thank you with healthier trees and lungs full of fresh oxygen, your body will thank you with a healthier heart, lungs, stronger calve muscles on your legs and if you do it often enough, a healthier looking body. Walking is eco friendly and also it promotes good health. Doctors recommend it and we at the paper-free company recommend it too!

Public Transportation

Okay, supposing if your place of work is 10 miles from where you live… walking there and back doesn’t really look like an appealing idea but before you pull out those car keys, what about public transport?

This is an ingenious eco-friendly, affordable way to get from anywhere to everywhere… within reason. This way prevents there from being so much carbon gases being emitted into the environment that promotes the depletion of the ozone layer and in turn has caused much of the effects of global warming we see today. So many people transported at once, it’s almost like a massive car pool. On trains and busses.


Sometimes public transport doesn’t just cut it but whenever you do want to drive to work, chances are that there are colleagues that live just around where you do. You don’t have to do a door-to-door but have an agreed upon meeting point, you all get in the car and go to work, same thing, you all get in the car and go back home. Some of the employees here at SignTech do use this method to get to work when they can. Going paper-free isn’t our only concern but other aspects of eco-friendliness too.

The Bicycle

This is for relatively short distances, that you can’t really walk but would consider a faster method of transportation. The bicycle is just for you. You could wear something light that you can change from if you are prone to sweat. Riding is a bit of a work out and you don’t want to show up at work smelling like the inside of a gym with no air-conditioning. Just pop a can of deodorant in your bag, a spare shirt and a bottle of water and you’re set to go. The shoes you wear, are best off being ambiguous, caught in between, sports, casual and work-acceptable so that you don’t have to change them.

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