The Eco-Activist

I’ve gained a lot of things from working with SignTech.

In addition to the business and technical experiences I have acquired, it has made me become a bit of an environment-obsessed person.

Working for a accompany like sign tech makes you realise how everything we do goes just beyond the normal world we live in. our papers that we scrunch up and throw in the bin affect trees, forests, wildlife and habitats hundreds to thousands of miles away. It turns SignTech from just that “paper-less obsessed company to something more; a company that’s concerned with the environment, and not just out for personal gain. It turns all the SignTech workers into what I like to call Eco-Activists.

I recently posted a blog on how to go green and why you should go green, focusing on energy saving and paper-free solutions to a lot of things that we do in daily life. Well I am here to tell you what not-going green is doing to our environment.

To those of you that say global warming is a myth… stop being an ostrich. There are so many facts and things we see in today’s world that clearly points at the slow degradation of our planet. Things that we can fix if heads are put together and people work hard.

There are so many negative effects of global warming, and if it continues to get worse, it wont be pretty.

Research shows that because of global warming, malaria, which is a killer disease in many African countries, has not fully been eradicated.

As temperatures of oceans rises, so will the likelihood of stronger and more frequent hurricanes.

Some parts of Earth will suffer serious droughts and heat waves. It is said that Africa will take the worst of it. Already we can see that water is a dangerously rare commodity in Africa.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global warming will exacerbate the conditions and could lead to conflicts and war.

There will be more floods, fires and wild fires, which will cost billions of all currencies in damage and will eventually be crippling to every economy that experiences such things.

Death will also be experienced if global warming continues to run rampant on this earth. Cold waves, heat waves, droughts, floods, thunderstorms, animal attacks from creatures driven from their natural habitat, outbreaks of deadly diseases, diminished food and water supplies.

It all sounds very gloomy doesn’t it? Well its also very true.

Consider doing something to save your environment, becoming an Eco-activist. Even if it’s the simple act of trying your best to be paper free, recycling, reusing, turning off the lights, not leaving the taps running. It really does help in making a difference.

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