Just a few hours ago, we heard some quite disturbing news for the people of the Internet, which is essentially… everyone.

EBay with over one hundred and forty five million (145,000,000) users was hacked apparently a few months ago, yet, we are only just hearing about this now.

I, like almost everyone else, have an eBay account, and so I see the usefulness of the online buying and selling site, yet despite my love for e-bay, I cannot over look the fact that it took them over two months to come out and tell us that their systems had been hacked.

Before we get into the issue of being told much too late about what should have been vital information for customers the more important thing is that now eBay is urging EVERY SINGLE USER to please change their passwords as soon as they can. So as you’re reading this, even before you get to the end of the article where I tell you the benefits of going paperless and adapting SignTech into your business life, go to your account and change your password this very moment. Reports are stating that over 15 million people are at risk of identity theft. Please, do not be one of those unfortunate people. I believe that if you do something then you have an obligation to ‘go all the way’, so if possible don’t just change your password, delete/close your eBay account and start a new one.

Now that your security has been addressed, onto other matters. There are over 230 million eBay accounts worldwide, and now their database as been hacked. Its even been said that despite changing your password, you’re still at risk of identity theft because of the personal details that are now in the hands of these hackers. Like I said, I have an eBay account and like everyone else I trusted eBay with my card information, name, address- things I don’t want strangers to know, so now at the risk of sounding irrational, I feel extremely betrayed that they “allowed” their systems to be so vulnerable to something as horrible as information hacking. I’m also worried that at random I could be used for identity theft, not just me, but almost all my friends, colleagues, family have eBay accounts. No system is impervious, so hacking was a risk I suppose, but here’s the kicker, eBay was hacked between February and March, why oh why are we just being informed now? Isn’t it our right, as customers to know about something like this as soon as it happens? The delay is very inexcusable no matter the reasons they give for it.

We at SignTech paperless forms are also informing our employees to be very careful with their information and change whatever passwords they might have on not just eBay but Skype too, which was bought by eBay a while ago.

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