The dawn of a new age

It’s hard for someone like me, who works in the kind of company that I do, specialising is paper-free solutions… in the form of apps to ignore the release of any new gadget.

It’s really hard, so I’m not going to bother trying!

As practically everyone knows, Samsung is bringing out their latest version of the s series. I mean, the S4 is cool but we want more! And Samsung has heard out cries for this new phone so they have.

Samsung has decided that they know what we want. Gone are the so-called “gimmicky” features of the S4, who called it that, I don’t really know, if you ask me the features were pretty radical, and they really took the voice command to a whole new level blowing Siri out of the water (sorry Apple) not to talk about the “Air” features like air view, and smart scroll.

They’ve focused on just three things, fitness, simplicity and of course, a better camera.

“People don’t want a load of complex features, they just features have an impact during everyday life, like a personal fitness tracker and a super fast camera, so we’ve made the new device based on those principles”

They’ve integrated a heart rate sensor, which is directly underneath the camera flash at the bottom and when in your pocket, acts as a pedometer.

Samsung is taking the motto ‘Less is More’ completely to heart. Discarding the complex menu system, that admittedly took me a little while to get used to, they’ve made it easier to change settings than the previous galaxy phones.

The phone is also noticeably flatter, and does sport a cleaner look.

The camera, oh I could go on and on- but I wont! The new camera comes with new features as well as a higher resolution of 16MP, 5.1’ HD display, and in addition to this the phone will be available in other colours such as blue and gold rather than the traditional black or white.

Samsung has also decided to integrate the ‘fingerprint unlock’ into their new phones just like the iPhone but it seems that its not as good as apples’ TouchID. Just like everyone else, we’ll have to wait till the 11th of April before we can feel this beauty in our hands.

The new HTC One is also making its debut and will soon be followed by apples’ iPhone 6, which is already making ripples amongst apple fan boys and girls, though the release date hasn’t been announced, people have rumoured that it might have an even thinner body and possibly a bigger display. Who knows?

The HTC One part… 2… has promised to be revolutionary with promised features such as longer battery life and better camera features. Although HTC has been quite stingy with the details and is running a hush-hush campaign we’ve been promised the release on March 25th… like everyone else. With all these new phones coming out with high-tech features like fingerprint recognition it really does feel like the dawn of a new age just thinking about it.

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