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Today is a huge day in your company, you’re about to have a meeting with one of the biggest clients that you guys have just snagged, this client practically runs 30% of the entire business, for that meeting seated with executives and the CEO, virtually everyone who’s anyone, you’re asked to put in a few words, make a short presentation if you will. The whole room is silent as you smile at the client, then reach for your tablet- I bet you thought he was going to reach for the huge file next to him.

We’ve been conditioned to think of things in the traditional sense, work related information is stored in files, folders, binders, book reports. This way of thinking is backwards to put it bluntly, paper is good, but paperless is better for both you and the environment. One way to go paperless is with the use of apps.

There are countless apps that you can use on every platform, android, apple, windows, tablets, and mobile phones. And if you’re short on money, no worries many are free and the ones that aren’t are usually very reasonably priced. Here I’ll just recommend a few.


Kingsoft free office suite:

I love Microsoft, I do, I’m using it right now, but sometimes you just have to admire the strides that freeware takes. Its completely free and extremely good. With over 300 million users, and reviews from online giants like CNET and PC world. This makes it my top choice for mobile office apps.


“CNET “Best free office suite…”
USA Today “One of the best new apps…”
PC World “How good could a free office suite be? In this case, pretty darn good...”


Keynote, pages:

These apps come with apple products and it could be seen as a form of excel and power point. I don’t use the often but sometimes if I want to make a presentation just a little better, pop a bit more without all the chore of manual graphic editing these apps do it for me. they can be used on the iPad and MacBook.


CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator:

CamScanner allows you to import different office documents to your android device by converting photos into PDF format. I’d recommend it because it also has a batch feature for going through countless pages of documents and taking photos of each page. The documents are then saved into a single file.


Google drive:

Formerly titled Google Docs, Google drive now comes with a lot more features than ever before. With continued access to your cloud-synced Google Docs files, and the same editing tools, it comes with a locker service from Google. Your documents, photos, files and everything digital are all contained in a nice tidy app.

In addition to this, its all automatically saved to Google’s servers so you can easily access them on your phones, computers, Google glasses etc.


So there you have it. Some apps that you can use to go further your paperless goal in the office and help in meetings, which you killed by the way.


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