Being Energy Efficient this World Cup

This is the last few days of the world cup, and for the final days countless preparations are being made, not just for the stadium which has been sold out for a while but for TV stations, internet radio programs, shows, the paperless solutions company, and your house, you’re probably going to invite your friends over to watch the final match on Sunday. You might have some food, refreshments, and games to play during half time, paints for the face, shirts and other items that show which team you support.

With the final days in mind I as a representative of paperless business solutions and all things eco friendly challenge you with a question:

Are you being energy efficient for the world cup?

After the match did you leave you TV on?

We know that it was exciting for 90 minutes but never get so excited that you loose perspective of what’s important, and that’s our earth. There will be as many world cups as you want if our planet is in fighting form after we’ve done a number on her.

The paper flags and t-shirts souvenirs that you bought: are they in the trash or the recycle bin?

Four years is a long time so we don’t expect you to keep anything, but it doesn’t mean that everything belongs in the trash, recycle them so that others can find some use for the things you don’t need anymore, after all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

All the news articles and papers you got, posters, are they still there or did you find a paperless solution for it?

Posters eventually loose their appeal and you want to get rid of them, yesterday’s news is lying around your house and you don’t need it any more magazines and so many other things need to be cleared out. The one answer, as you’ve guessed is recycling. Trashing these items is very harmful to our planet infact; more harmful than you realise.

The beer that you and your friends shared, what’d you do with the cans and glass bottles?

Drinking is almost virtually part of sports. And the man man’s drink as we all know is beer. I mean, no one really clinks glasses of champagne and red wine over screaming football fans and a game. Most beer comes in glass bottles and what we do with them afterwards is important. Putting them in recycling bins no matter how much trouble it may seem.

For the final match and festivities, don’t get too carried away, keep in mind that planet earth should be clean enough in time for the next world cup.

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