Beating the Clutter!

Every average home has that ‘paper mountain’ maybe tucked somewhere in the small space under the stair case, littered in the garage, arranged neatly in a box in the study of even stacked to a precarious tilt in the corner of the living room yes… we all have it. What are they? Bills, newspapers, old magazines, or just papers you used for writing. Of course this defeats the whole purpose of going paperless like we all try to encourage, so here are simple things to do with that mountain.

Get Crafty-

This step is for the creative-inclined, you could give this to your kids as an activity when they’re driving you nuts, you could also do it yourself for instance when wrapping a present, or making a really a uniquely suave card. There are so many online resources for this some of them listed here. From making complex origami structures to simply cutting out hearts for valentines day there are so many things that you could do with the paper mountain rather than just stare at it.

Hand Made Work by Mari

Home Stories at OZ

Pintrest - This links to so many lovely sites



Sometimes- well many times, you don’t know what to do with that paper mountain. You sure as heck don’t feel like making any artsy crafty things from it. You just want to get rid of it! Well you can! But wait! Don’t throw it in the dustbin just yet. There are recycling bins made for this purpose and this alone; Your old paper. Simply go to the recycling bin, specifically for paper and put it there. Recycling does not only save trees from being cut down for new sheets of paper but it helps people and companies save money as recycled products are cheaper than new ones

As a paperless activist for SignTech this is my personal favourite, and we do it all the time in our office and in our homes too.

Pay the bills electronically-

You can find them online, and the same goes for your bank statements. Try allowing automatic bank withdrawals for some of the bills like maybe your insurance, electricity and credit card payments. It takes away the sting of having to pay by yourself.

There are methods of online bill payments that you could use, try going to your local bank and asking about it. You’ll never have to write a single paper check ever again! Some people might be nervous of using online payments and banks controlling when their bills are paid, if you are on of those people, just talk to whoever is in charge of the bank bill payments, and ask them all the questions you want, even the seemingly ridiculous ones, just to put your mind at rest.

So there you have it! Three practical and very doable ways to beat the clutter piling up in your house.

Are there other ways you use? We’d love to hear about them.

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