Are you ready?

Everyone knows Kickstarter. The awesome organization that helps businesses and revolutionary ideas get off the ground?

I personally have always been a huge fan of them. The projects that they’ve helped actualise through the general public are amazing. And we’re not talking about just small stuff, documentaries won Oscars, people were saved from poverty with Kickstarter, skate parks opened, satellites were launched into space, musicians touched ground in places that they wouldn’t have been able to without the backers, Veronica mars, the series was adapted into a film with the help of so many Kickstarter backers, helping to raise over 5 million dollars.

Kickstarter has helped so many people and countless organizations and now, we at SignTech hope that Kickstarer and its backers will help us.

We at SignTech, the paperless company are launching our very own Kickstart campaign, and we’re hoping that you’ll be a part of it.

On the 7th of march, in just a few days and we’re looking to you all for support in helping our humble company really make an impact in the world. In truth none of our dreams will be fully actualized without the support of the masses. This is a rare opportunity for you to support something that will have a positive ripple effect on the globe, from countless companies to the eco-system, and even going so far as to affect the future generations of human beings, making the world a safer and cleaner place to live. And it’s all starting on the 7th of March, on Kickstarter.

So I will ask again; Are you ready to be a part of the next big thing?

SignTech is an innovative paperless platform that creates forms and documents for full completion, signing and integration. For more information visit or email

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