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As SignTech™ we had the opportunity to exhibit at the London 2013 Apps World exhibition. The core development team has flown out from Hungary to join the sales and management team of the company at this unique and spectacular event.

As exhibitors we were granted access to enter Earls Court 2 one day prior the exhibitions start. It was amazing to see and be part of the building of the exhibition itself. Looking around, seeing the people running around creating the stands, decorating the venue, cranes passing through above our head. It was an amazing experience for all of us. At one point we did not really think they are going to finish by the next day, but somehow they did manage and when we entered the venue on tuesday, the whole Apps World was up and running.

We were granted space at the “Startup Village”. Luckily enough we arrived before everyone at the first day, so we could choose our own spot before anyone else came.

During the two exhibition days we had the chance to meet many many people. They were all interested about SignTech™ and the solutions it offers. We had many conversations and implementation plans about various options and possibilities we never even thought of! It was very pleasing to the heart what kind of enthusiasm people showed when they found out what this is all about. It really meant a lot for all of us.

During our free time - we did not really have too much though - we had the possibility to cruise around the scene, speak with other exhibitors, build our network and get to know other companies. Sometimes a few of us popped in one or two presentations in order to educate ourselves and learn new ways and methods to enhance and develop our existing products.

All in all Apps World was a determinative experience for all of us and we are very pleased we had the opportunity to be part of it! Thanks!

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