Amazing Uses of Some Things in Your Kitchen


Everyone should have salt in his or her kitchen, after all it’s the base ingredient in all kinds of cooking when you want to season your food, from deodorizing your sneakers to relieving poison ivy and bee stings, salt has so many uses. Did you know that rinsing your mouth with a weak solution of salt and water boosts oral health. Also soaking your toothbrush in salt water before your first use helps extend its life?


I don’t mean lemon juice that’s already been processed but the raw lemons in your fridge. Lemon juice squeezed with a tall glass of warm, almost hot water drank first thing in the morning boosts your health, and aids digestion, revitalizes your insides and makes you burn more calories during the day. Lemon mixed with honey can be used as a very effective facemask. Leave it on for a ten to fifteen minutes rinse with warm water and then moisturise as usual.


Vinegar has literally over a hundred household uses that it should have its own shelf alone in your kitchen. Vinegar with baking soda is used to unclog and deodorize your drain, also the same mix can be used to soak your pure silver for a few hours then cleaned to get them to shine and sparkle in the sunlight.

Olive Oil-

As for being one of the healthiest oils in the world that you can use for cooking, did you also know that olive oil can be used for oil pulling? Just swish a tablespoon full in your mouth in the morning before brushing your teeth for about ten minutes then spit it down the toilet. It is the best method of improving and maintaining oral health.

Amazing Use of SignTech-

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