Almost the End

Its been an exciting week for the world cup from the jaw dropping 7-1 result from the game between Germany and Brazil to the match that lasted over a hundred minutes only to be settled by penalties.

There have been so many headlines, news talks, countless blogs, and numerous videos of the world cup, and lets not forget the many protests all across Brazil for those who boycotted and were against the leap-year event.

With the finals between Germany and Argentina looming on Sunday the whole world will be watching on the edge of their seats to see who takes home the world cup for the next four years.

This is a time to reflect on the greatest world cup moments.

Marcelos Scores an own goal

The first goal of the first game scored by a player on the country of the hosts was an own goal. There are ways to look at this, some with a sense of humour or one of embarrassment. Brazil did redeem themselves, making it to the semi finals and scoring every goal in that first match yet we can help but remember with slight giggles the own goal.

The 7-1 match

This moment stirred many emotions; some of amusement, some of pride, a strange sense of gratification for players who competed with Germany and a horrible sense of loss and shame for Brazilians. Many were seen crying, including the players, while Germany had the biggest celebration anyone would imagine at their stunning victory. By the first half the score had reached a surprising 5-0 in favour of Germany and by the end of the game it ended with a stunning 7-1.

The rise of the underdogs

Spain the defending champions of the world cup gave way for teams like Ghana, England, a good team dropped out before Nigeria did. Iran held their own against Argentina for a good 90 minutes till Lionel Messi scored in the extra time allotted. Many teams that people didn’t think twice about showed that they were not to be forgotten in the face of football giants.

Suarez sinks his teeth into the game

Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit, yes, literally bit into the shoulder of Italy’s player Giorgio Chiellini during a group match at the Arena das Dunas in Natal, Brazil. This was just plain ridiculous and interestingly it’s not the first time Suarez has taken matters into his own… teeth. As amusing as it is FIFA has taken this issue very seriously, banning Mr Suarez for four months and ten official games.

The protests outside

From CNN news reporters to civilians getting injured by flash grenades and tear gas the protests have been a constant force for the entire duration of the games. Many of the things being asked for by activists and marchers have been granted and others are pending, yet even as the protests seem to be going underway they came very close to taking an extremely violent turn.


The greatest moments may not have been created yet, and we will be looking out for notable happenings during this final match between Germany and Argentina. Who do you think is going to win?

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